Film Cooperation
– 2018  Augenbrei mit Sollbruchstellen TV Broadcast as a Result of a workshop with the Department of Timebased Media (University of Art & Design Linz) in Cooperation
with Dorf TV
. Music, Camera, Performance
– 2018  Kunst Kultur und Kultus – David Lynch Version Video Performance created during a workshop with the Department of Timebased Media (University of Art & Design Linz) in Cooperation with Dorf TV. The basis of the work was a passage from a new financial blueprint of the state upper austria, which equates “Art” and “Cult” in order to cut financial aids in the art sector. Part of the same-named Exhibition at Splace (University of Art & Design Linz) in September 2018. Direction, Performance
– 2016  Beyond The Broken Hoop Experimental Dance Film. Audio Mastering
– 2015  Def ILL & Konstantin Diggin – Bad Santa  Music Video by Def ILL. Cinematography
– 2014  Pixel & Dots  Animation by Laurin Döpfner. Music
– 2014  Texta IN & OUT  Documentary film by Dieter Strauch. Sound Recording
– 2014  XE  Documentary about the Crossing Europe Filmfestival in 2013 by Felix Huber, David Haunschmidt, Adrian Buchwald. Interviewer (polish)
– 2013  Yes We Jam Cypherspace Part 2  Music video by Felix Huber, Patrick Schmid & Kensee. Cinematography, Mix & Mastering
– 2012  Yes We Jam Cypherspace Part 1  Music video by Felix Huber & Kensee. Cinematography, Mix & Mastering
– 2012  Dead Rainbow  Short film by Sabrina Stockner and Helmut Geissler. Audio Mastering
– 2012  Erwachen Short film by Manuel Peric. Storyboard, Sound Recording, Sound Design
– 2011  Hesse oder so  Short film by Dawid Liftinger. Sound Recording
– 2011  Haiku  Performance Video by Petra Werskiuk and Dawid Liftinger. Music

Music Production

– 2018  Matuzalem (scratches by Orski) by Kmieciu
Płacz truskula LP
– 2018  Pacman ft. Gospel (Music Video) by HED
– 2014  Loss Los ft. Demolux (Remix) by CHiLL-iLL
Aus Aundara Aunlog – AAA – Remixes LP
– 2013  Giornata Tipo feat​.​Gio Green  by Wat a.k.a. Wattilio
Racket.Music LP
– 2013  Zero ft. DJ Wolf  by Arto_Zero
Zero LP
– 2012  Strange (Remix)  by Vikky Lynne
Strange EP
– 2012  Heaven (Remix)  by Texta
Grotesk Remix LP
– 2012  Im Zweifelsfoi ft. Stefan Roiss
1st Kapu Producer Battle LP (3rd Place)
– 2011  Oxymoron feat. Kensee  by Vest’O Beats
Opposable Thumbs: UP! Vol. 7
– 2010  Benzina ft. Shef  by NG
Sopravvivenza EP

Music Mix & Mastering
– 2012  Forever ft. Nakia Henry  by Nomadee
Daydreams LP