Scratching Wounds (Interactive Installation)

“The TIME OUT series is making its sixth appearance at the Ars Electronica Center to showcase the considerable talents of students in the Time-based and Interactive Media program at Linz Art University. This exhibition was curated jointly by Gerhard Funk, the program’s director, and Gerfried Stocker, artistic director of Ars Electronica.

One of the works is “Scratching Wounds” by young media artist Karol Kensy. The installation consists of a turntable hooked up to a projector. As soon as the turntable starts to spin the record album created with a Ms. Pinky timecode vinyl system, advertisements for various pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and detergents are projected onto the wall of the installation space. And as soon as an installation visitor “scratches” the record—i.e. moves his/her hand back and forth across its surface—video material documenting the products’ ingredients being tested on animals is mixed into the advertising. Thus, in a metaphorical sense, one is “scratching” on wounds.”

Sick-Leitner, Magdalena: „Scratching Wounds: The Sad Truth about Pharmaceutical Products“,

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